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If you are looking idea for bathroom design, maybe the exoticism of European look design will be good choice. Below we serve information about vanity of European design for bathroom. The vanities come in any form.

Traditional or country style of European Bathroom

If you want to try traditional style of European bathroom design you can use vanities made of hardwood. These woods can be Teak, Oak, Redwood, Cherry, and so on. You can add this wood for floor, or some parts of bathroom wall. You don’t need to cover all part of bathroom with woods. You only need to add “wood touching” in some parts.

Classic design

Classic design for European Bathroom comes from elegant look of marble. You can make classic atmosphere with mahogany or cherry wood in some furniture, such as storage cabinet, design of sink, cupboard, and so on. You also can give classic touching from handles and faucets.

Shaker type of bathroom

Maybe, this style is simplest than another style. It doesn’t need complicated design. Sometime, atmosphere shaker design of bathroom raise from pine or another light colored wood. White cabinet and sink can be added here.

Modern style

Modern European bathroom style comes together with decoration from metal, stone, glass, and another materials. These materials can be applied to furniture, floor, faucets, and wall of bathroom. Sometimes, modern design looked at smooth doors without handles and any knobs.

So, do you have another style for European bathroom design?

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